Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

The best bath time ever

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Your very friendly, big boobed sitter says it is time for your bath. She takes off your diaper and helps you into the sudsy water. As she leans forward in her robe you can glimpse her massive mammaries and you are getting a bit of a stiffy. She smiles when she notices you looking. But she really surprises you when she takes off her robe and hops into the bath with you. Wow, you and a gorgeous sitter in the bath together! She suds you all up and then suds herself up too. And she invites you to lather soap all over those huge tits. No wonder you are rock hard. When you are washed all over you both hop out of the bath and she dries you. On her knees, rubbing your big stiffy gives her an idea. How about an amazing blow job to help you stiffy go down after you cum