Wetting my white cotton panties

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AJ Jupiter

American / California
756 5.0
9:28 min - Aug 31 - .MP4 - 615.14 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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ryebread Jul 15 2017
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Amazing video! So many great views and she pees so much!

My bladder is so full and I can't wait another second! I climb into the tub in just my white cotton panties and a tank top. I'm aching to pee, but I remove my tank top first so I can play with my tits a little while I do it. I finally get to release, the warm wet liquid runs out from in between my legs. I let some out to release the pressure, then turn around and pee more so you can see my ass from behind while I go. I catch some in my hand and pour it over my ass, making my white panties see through. After I've fully emptied my bladder, I grab my vibrator and rub it against my soppy wet pussy and clit over my panties.