18yo aubrey addams [***] 6 load cocktai


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
16:40 min - Aug 31 - .MP4 - 184.87 MB - 640x480


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AUBREY ADDAMS may be 29 years old with 32D titties but I met her when she was 18 years old with bee sting boobies. Much respect goes to this submissive little slut...and I do mean little, an elfish 4'10". She had just started out in porn and earned a well-deserved reputation for doing great scenes. This one is no exception. Aubrey struts into the makeup room wearing a tight, fluorescent pair of booty shorts with peep-toe high heels. She has long blonde hair and beautiful sun-kissed skin with faint tan lines. Her belly button is pierced and she's carrying a cocktail glass full of water. She takes a sip and decides she prefers a salty stew instead. 5 dudes enter, remove her panties, and get her on her knees. Cock worship. Ball licking. Mild facefucking as she's passed around like a half-pint bottle of brew. Guys play with her pussy. She does a standing 69 and sucks other dicks simultaneously. POV shots from above as the cocktopus surrounding her rotates counter-clockwise. She begs for cum. "I need cum. I need every single load in my pretty little glass so I can drlnk it all up. Fill my glass up!" she says. 6 loads are dumped into Aubrey's martini glass. No cuts from the time the first load rockets into the glass until she swallows after promising not to waste a drop. It doesn't get any more real or raw. She plays with her food a bit, taking small sips before drooling it back into the glass. Then it's bottoms up, babe! Experts in overwhelmed girls will recognise the smallest hint of imminent upchucking on Aubrey's face at 16:00 mins but she does her duty with honour and completes her mouth's mission. She lovingly licks the inside of the cocktail glass. Kudos to Aubrey for sticking with her career! If she wants to do a follow up cocktail, she's more than welcome. Let's make this happen!