I Hate You More Than Anything - HD

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Guess what, I fucking hate you. I really fucking hate you. It makes you hard though doesn’t it. Well not like anyone would ever tell you I love you. Since no one loves you, no one will deal with you or your pathetic cock. Lucky for me I don’t even have to do much, no showing my tits or pussy. Haha! Now wank bitch! Thank me for letting you jerk. Now grab those balls and squeeze them. You are so lucky that I don’t have you locked away! Now jerk faster for me, that’s it. Good boy. Now stop. Put your hands on your head or sit on them if you have to. Now just because you aren’t allowed to touch doesn’t mean that I can’t touch… No not you sicko! Myself. I can touch myself all I want and you can’t even touch your dick, you have to sit there and dream about how good it would feel to jerk to me. Ha! You are not allowed to have this pussy loser. Oh you want to wank so bad!! Haha. Beg to jerk! Now jerk for me nice and fast, come on wank that dick! Feels great to be allowed to stroke doesn’t it! N