New 3way Fun!

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5,813 5.0
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dolven46 Dec 21 2016

Hello you two, 
  I am impressed with your videos and how fun and kinky you two are. I purchased your video "hot wifey 3way". I have a question. Is "hot wifey 3way" the same video as "New 3way fun!", seems like the same couch in the background???  Thanks!

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jan 26 2017
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Video is only 854x480 put the picture quality is great.

The video loses picture at around the 2:30 minute mark and doesn't come back fully for about 4 minutes.. it happens again at the 17 minute mark and lasts 3 mins this probably should have been edited out, I thought I downloaded a corrupt video file when I saw this.

About the content itself there is some fabulous fucking and sucking going on between the 3 people! Theres a part where Kallie rides one guy and the other guy feeds his dick to the guy she is riding.

She takes a DP as the guys rub their dicks against each other while fucking her at the same time that might have been too much for the camera guy as he quickly stands up and Kallie gets her back cummed on while still fucking the first guy.. I loved that!

I really enjoyed all the bi play content I'm a huge fan especially of double barrel type blowjobs where the guys's dicks rub up against each other LOL! (I'm perverse like that). I would have loved to see more of that kind of stuff and some friendly fire action.

I love the voyeuristic aspect of the camera such as the guy holding and filming the action stroking his dick in the cameras viewpoint while Kallie sucks on the other man and gets eaten out.

The camera is very amateur which some people might enjoy the editing of the video however is pretty bad such as Kallie getting a facial within the first couple of minutes of the video and then her being fully dressed again at the halfway point of the video.

I considered deducting a point on the reviews for the lower resolution, camera blackouts and the poor editing but with all the content this video contains there is no way this is not worthy of the best score.

I love the bi-sexual play and content and it seems to be a bit of a shortage around here, really glad to see this content on manyvids.

Kallie is sexy as fuck! And although this video is a bit on the pricey side this is still a great video!

Went out with a friend end up at his place and had some fun with the hot wifey! this 3way is supper hot lots of sucking and fucking and several cumshots by John there is a little bi play as well this video is almost an hour long! make sure to add it to your collection!
American / California
American / California
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American / California
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