You Better Obey Me - HD

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I’ve know I’ve been putting in all that work for you so I’m going to need that raise, if you want to deny me, that’s fine. I can tell everyone that you came onto me asking about my feet. You think the girls don’t know? We all know about your foot fetish; you are always peeking at our feet! Remember that you will never amount to much compared to us. Now come over here and clean my feet, prove to me that you want to keep your measly little job. Hahaha That's right moron. Now thank me for allowing you this privilege and not just telling all the big bosses what you’ve been up to. How about every week we do these little sessions and you can worship these feet of mine. You are so fucked either way. I’ve got all this backed up too. You are a sad little man. Some say I’m mean and manipulative but you got yourself into this mess. Now you have a think about that until next time! - Becky