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Jessicas Temptations

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bfxddd Sep 22 2017

..this would definatley get me to the mall...

hissam19 deleted Sep 26 2016

I need shopping with me

forsaken6788 - Top reviewer Jan 23
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The looks Jessica give the camera in this clip are so sexy, as is her modelling and to top it off, an amazing blowjob with a sexy clean up!

StaffCpt Jan 8 2018
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Tries out a tiny sexy dress at the mall and blows off her pro-cam bf who cums a lot without a word, I would roam like a bull!!

lbpuller Nov 26 2017
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Would love to go shopping with this girl! Super sexy! Clean up on aisle 69...

bfxddd - Top reviewer Jan 20 2017
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As much as I hate to go shopping I'd go shopping every day with Jessica!...Unbelievable fantasy...she always amazes in her vids....Hottest Girl on this site!!! or any site..

Illusivintent Dec 27 2016
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Every mans dream shopping trip. Yet more great content from Jessica. Love it!

Gunnut9999 - Top reviewer Oct 2 2016
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Very hot fantasy vid.

NickSeaborn Oct 2 2016
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Well for one, this video works. I just finished watching and reviewing Jessica's Hooker Experience Vol. 1 (and finished finishing ha ha), and then I thought I'd check out the other video I recently bought. Its no wonder the guy in this cums in under 3 minutes... I did and she's not even here with me. AND it was my 2nd time in 15 minutes.

Once again she looks amazing, and the looks she gives the camera are equally amazing. If shopping was always like this, I'd go more often.

Fuzzymonkey2985 - Top reviewer Sep 22 2016
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Amazing blowjob as always never disappointed with her skills and a fantastic facial at the end.

Roundball330 Sep 12 2016
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Jessica is fantastic in this video. Such a great theme. She looks amazing in the outfits that she models. Great full length views of her walking around, wearing high heels and showing off. great cock sucking, beautiful makeup, big hoop earrings. Love that cum shot that partially hits her face. Give us more!!!

jord69 Sep 10 2016
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Classic fantasy. Done amazingly well!

aznassasin - Top reviewer Sep 9 2016
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Stunning video, stunning lady. What more can I say?

jesse321 - Top reviewer Sep 9 2016
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Love those vids when you share your sexual experiences RAW and that particular vid is really hot loved it ;)

thisiscool - Top reviewer Sep 4 2016
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Jessica blows me away with how good she is at sucking and outfit #2 was on point. The cleavage and her ass looked so damn good.

zemisus - Top reviewer Aug 31 2016
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Another perfect blowjob video and effortless cum swallow, i would wish for brighter red lipstick but there is the hotel bj video for those in need of that, great pov angle and plenty of post cum sucking too, a little longer viewing of the cum in mouth would be welcomed too for me but a definite must buy like every other of Jessica's videos! :D

alex31317 Aug 31 2016
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I'm not really a fan of shopping, but with Jessica, I'd go all the time. She looks amazing in both of the outfits she tries on (especially the second one). Getting a blowjob in a store dressing room has always been a fantasy of mine and Jessica just makes me want to do it even more. She's so sexy as she gives a POV BJ and gets a facial while on her knees in the dressing room.

Fgpenn Aug 31 2016
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Ultimate dressing room fantasy. If Jessica invites you to go clothes shopping, you won't regret it

EZE083 - Top reviewer Dec 1 2017
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Damn I wish that was me....Excellent vid! ;)

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 23 2017
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I did like the black dress Jessica!!That was a hot teasing strip ending in a big load on your mouth and face!sure you walked out clean?SO HORNY!!!!!

Flyaway36 Feb 11 2017
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Jessica once again does not disappoint with this amazing video. Jessica has some amazingly naughty fun while shopping.

laren Robinson - Top reviewer Nov 15 2016
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Another amazing video from Jessica! I hate shopping. You can take me shopping anytime Jessica! Buy this video! You'll love it! I promise!

Boy Girl. Filmed in HD POV. I get So Horny when I go shopping. ;) Watch me walk around the mall a little, try on 2 Hot Dresses, Tease in my outfits, and then Suck Cock with my Red Lipstick in a Real Department Store Men’s Dressing Room with other people right next door the entire time. I take the Big Load in my Mouth and some of it on my Face and make sure to Swallow Every Yummy Drop and Lick it Clean. :)