Fetish Friday

Mixed Wrestling Bow Stretch Face Sitting

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A hot blonde is warming up on a wrestling match when a guy walks in and tells her she needs to get off. The macho jerk says it is only for men and she disagrees. The two agree to have a mixed wrestling match for the mat and the first one to pin the other to the count of three wins the mat. He grabs her quick in a Full Nelson and brings her to the ground. He pins her and in a mocking manner starts to count to three. At two she stops him and he lets her up thinking she is done. But, she surprises him by flashing her big tits. As he is distracted by the view of her hot tits, she slams his face into her knee. Now the tables have turned. She then starts to show her command at mixed wrestling. She first puts him in a Boston Crab move and he struggles in pain. She demeans him and teases him as she has him in the hold and lets go only to slap on other moves. Next, she put him in a Bow Stretch move and he is again hurting. When he thinks she is done, she throws him into a Figure 4 Leg-Lock. He writhes in pain, but can't get away. She drops that move only to put him in a reverse head scissorhold move. He is all but out for the count and his struggles at this point are worthless. However, she is not done with him. She next applies a one-legged Boston Crab and wears him down even further. She pulls his pants down around his ankles at that point and readies him for more punishment. For the final put down move she stands over him and pulls her shorts to the side. She yells out Clam Slam and then does some face sitting rubbing her pussy all over his face and smothering him as she does. She then counts to three and has won the mat. But, that is not enough for her. She tells him she wants all the men to see how a girl kicked his ass in mixed wrestling. So, she grabs him by his long hair and drags him out. He kicks and struggles, but she is too much for him and he will be left a mixed wrestling loser and outed for the pathetic wimp that he really is. Included in this clip: Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Boston Crab, On-Leg Boston Crab, Scissorhold, Reverse Headscissors, Bow Stretch, Figure 4 Leg-Lock, Clam Slam, Face Sitting, Big Tits, Mixed Fighting, Blondes