Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

My mouth was made to suckCock and eatCum

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Emmas Secret Life

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385 4.3
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fixy_1 - Top reviewer Nov 30 2016
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The title tells you all you need to know. And while Emma usually starts off dressed in something super hot and sex, this time she starts off naked and ready to go. I always enjoy her slutty wardrobe but seeing her naked and craving cock is definitely a great way to start a video.

Thank you!!

EZE083 - Top reviewer Jul 4 2017
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not bad. very short.

Umm you knew how long it was when you bought it!

This is a quick clip of me doing what I do best.....sucking dick and eating cum. I start by dirty talking to you about what my mouth can do, then I drop to my knees and suck until my mouth is full of cum. I then open my mouth up wide, show you the big load and swallow