POV Stripper Tease and Fuck

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Alexa Pearl

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1,080 5.0
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RedShoes53 Sep 2 2016

This is a definite wish list item. Provocative!

slypeek - Top reviewer Oct 2 2016
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Seeing Alexa in an extremely sexy revealing outfit is enough to get anyone excited right at the start. The slow dancing and strip is a very nice tempting sight. Getting a lovely mix of seeing Alexa's body bounce and ride while getting some nice close ups of her pussy taking in her toy is hot. Love the POV of watching her ass ride as she talks dirty before she finishes up with a nice blowjob.

jreigns deleted - Top reviewer Sep 13 2016
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Definite wow! and 10 outta 10. great job Alexa, your friend Brian suits you for custom ideas ;) 2 thumbs and a very hard cock UP for this vid, mmm. if you were my stripper based on this vid not only would this be a once in a lifetime situation but your ferociousness and sexiness...i wouldnt last two minutes...Wowza!

Alexa Pearl Sep 13 2016

Thank you jreigns😘😘😊 you are the sweetest 
Naughty boy😘😈 😍

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I LOVE Alexa's outfit in this video! I fantasize about taking girls who dress and look like her, home, from the club and this played into that fantasy for me. Watching that sexy body dance and strip is a sight to behold and then the dirty talk during the ride put me over the edge! Perfect girl and a great video!

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 10 2017
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Love the black dress Alexa,you're so hot and sexy in it!!!!We all know your skills babe!Hot and horny vid by this beautiful MILF guys!!!!Close ups pussy and booty fuck,amazing!!5 Stars for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petit_ocean Jun 11 2017
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this strip tease with black panty are so hot and sexy
black lingerie
big boobs
nice pussy
amazing video

RedShoes53 - Top reviewer Mar 8 2017
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IOU...1 full review

I am Brian's Naughty Secretary. He catches me working at the strip club one night. I bring him home and do little strip tease for him, try on a few pairs of panties. I suck and fuck him but You'll want to see the end Dirty talk, Panty play, Torso Riding, Doggy style, Blowjob, Stripper Dress, High Heels, MILF