Freebie Tuesday

Inhale Those Poppers Bitch - HD

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I know what a junkie you are, just seeing this bottle here is driving you crazy. You love to get high but let me tell you something, you haven’t been THAT fucked up yet. I am going to fuck you up today, I know you want it. Beg for it, beg to get these bitch! Grab this and take that first hit. That’s it breathe in nice and deep and breathe out. Now the other side bitch. Now two more. That’s it bitch, get fucked up for me. I know you do it a lot so I think it’s time we step it up! Take 5 in each nostril one after the other. You just can’t get enough. Ha you are really fucked up now. Hahaha you are so fucking high right now, what a weak cunt. I told you I’d make you crazy. Take 5 more for me bitch! That’s it. Good bitch. Now get ready to cum for me bitch! - Brook