My Chastity Loser - HD

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I take great pleasure in breaking down losers like you. The final breaking point. Watching you break down bit by bit turns me on like nothing else. From the very first moment you met me, you were mine. That's where it all began. Remember how you started off? The big alpha male who was always on top and now look at you. Your a wimpy little bottom feeder now. Well, today I am going to push you even further! Remember that one thing you said you would NEVER EVER do no matter what. You claimed you could never be that weak. I am going to lock that dick of yours up! Now put this cage on, that's right. I have manipulated your mind into exactly what I want. Now look in your other pocket, that's right a nice pair of pink panties for you. Put them on loser. Understand that you are mine now, your nothing but my play toy now! - Sam