StepMom Punishes StepDaughter For Grades



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So she thought she could go out partying with her friends til all hours, make out with her boyfriend, and blow off doing homework. Well she was wrong. I just received a phone call from her school regarding her grades. She is in so much trouble when she gets home. What should her punishment be? Hmmm....I've got it! I've been so lonely since her Daddy left. I've had no one to take care of my needs. And well I know she has been taking care of her boyfriend's needs. I actually caught her giving him a blowjob once. I'm waiting on the couch for her to arrive home. As soon as she does I light into her letting her know that I know all about her failing school. She doesn't know what to say. I inform her that StepMommy dearest has come up with the perfect punishment. I tell her to strip. She is shocked and just stands there. I tell her I am only telling her one more time. Now strip! So she removes her clothes. Oh my! I had not realized what a gorgeous body she had until she was standing before me naked. Perfect big tits. Nice shaven little pussy. I find myself getting so aroused. Now it is my turn. I strip down. I can tell she is also appreciative of StepMommy's nice big tits and sexy curvy MILF body. I sit back down on the couch and order her to kneel in front of me. She is obviously nervous but beginning to understand what her punishment is. I tell her to begin licking StepMommy's pussy. Knowing she has little choice she begins to do so. OH MY!!!! This is amazing! This will be her punishment until her grades come back up to an A which could take a while (hopefully). (Solo Video with Masturbation)
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