Misa Happily Services You With Her Body

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Lana Rain

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pikefunal deleted Dec 2

That sweet pussy http://bit.ly/2fR67CJ

so hot <3


Irina31 deleted Sep 5

Hey boys, let's have fun tonight! -> araril.ga

Irina31 deleted Sep 2

Hey boys, let's have fun tonight! -> araril.ga

Wow! 😍

A lot of first. Can't wait to see it

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That anal Fuck Machine at the end was the best :-)

Rugbyguy11 deleted Sep 11
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Great vid lana l look forward to seeing more :) xx

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Let get this out of the way this video is fucking amazing. The dialogue and the text dialogue and her facial expressions and her body movement matched perfectly witch seems to me to enhance the experience of this video. This is a must buy if you want to feel like you are fucking Misa.

waynebruce15 deleted Sep 4
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I thought that Lana did a fantastic job of creating this scenario and showing her sexy, slutty side

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No words can describe how perfectly swell this video is, even with Cucumber's presence throughout the entire video, then again, you and quality are synonymous with each other, and it's finally good to see you using the fuck machine on your ass, this, alongside the Yuno and Misty vid in my eyes are among your best videos yet.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Aug 31
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Misa has a huge obsession with Light Yagami, and Lana does so here. A fantastic though bubbles of what Lana is thinking each time. Video does with a great pov blowjob, and Cucumber staring at death gods. XD. Then a nice pov fuck, and omg, and wonderful pov anal fuck. Her first time using the machine for anal, that we wanted for so long. And that cum cumming out of her ass. Really slutty. This is by far one of her best A-tier she has released so far. You guys will die after cumming to this vid, I assure you ;)

[A-TIER][Plot][Role-Play][Cosplay] Your girlfriend, Amane Misa, is very much in love with you. She's been waiting all day for you to get back home and neither her nor her body can wait any longer. |||||||||||||||| Notes: This video is responsible for many firsts. It's the first time ever that I'm showcasing the newest fuck machine I bought a few weeks ago (also the very first time I'm using it, period!). It's the first time ever that I get fucked in the ass by a fuck machine and the first time I've ever shown myself push anything out of my ass ^_^. The video has a lot of dialogue text so be sure to watch it completely!