420 Bong Faps Original Portrait Mode

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So unfortunately some of my older videos were filmed sideways (portrait rather than landscape), a phenomenon that can be looked at as "Worldstarring" - sometimes a stuntcock does not make an ideal cameraman. The problem with realigning is that you are left with a small strip of action surrounded by two larger black strips. So I am offering my unedited 420 video at a healthy discount and two easy fixes - (1) Play on tablet/smartphone with auto-rotate turned off - (2) Download/open VLC Media Player then open Tools>Effects and Filters>Video Effects> Geometry>check off Transform (either 90 or 270 degrees) to easily view in the best available resolution on a standard computer! Note - the text that you see in the preview DOES NOT exist in the actual video - it's just a helpful preview thingy! ** Clip details – Nothing makes me hornier than a good bong rip, so I allow a healthy dose of dank weed to fuel an intense masturbation session!
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