Totally Stuck

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Anabelle Pync and Jacquelyn Velvets ran out of gas and their cell phones have no service. They spot a warehouse as they walk through the forest and head toward it. Little do they know that the owner is waiting for them and sprays a special adhesive on the ground. Jacquelyn is the first to step in the mess and she finds her high heel stuck. As much as she tries to get out of it, she cannot get free and Anabelle tries to pull her out. All of a sudden, Anabelle is also stuck. With a lot of tugging, they manage to get free and amble toward the warehouse. The door is unlocked and they start calling for help. When they see you (POV) they are frightened and back away as you approach them. They scream and run away only to get separated. Jacquelyn softly calls for her friend hoping that you won't hear her. Your gloved hand secretly sprays her legs and feet and she looks down in horror to see her lower body covered in glue. She can barely pull her legs apart because it is so sticky and her feet are completely stuck. Anabelle finds her and tries to help but she too gets the same secret glue spray. Her legs are also stuck together and her feet are immobilized to the ground. Now that you have sitting prey, you return with your adhesive and spray their upper bodies so that their arms are stuck to their sides. They wiggle and writhe to get free, but are completely helpless and trapped. OTHER KEYWORDS-wet and messy, Anabelle Pync, Anabelle Pync, Jacquelyn Velvets, Jacqueline Velvets, blondes, DID, horror movie, WAM, horror show