PA's Pantyhose Payrise

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I want a pay rise, I want double my salary and I want it now. I know the way you look at me, I know what you are looking and I know that with one glance of my pantyhose covered legs and you are putty in my hands. I can see that big bulge in your trousers, you want to stop looking or come to an agreement? You could really live out your fantasy, you could get a proper look at my pantyhose, even my juicy pantyhose covered ass daily for a big pay rise. Sounds good right. You are so desperate to see them aren’t you. At present you are straining to get a glimpse here or there as I strut around the office but that about a sexy pantyhose show in your office. It could be our little secret. Go on, arrange that pay rise right now and I will even let you stroke and have your own private show right here, right now. I knew you couldn’t resist. Show me how much you love my pantyhose.