Mind Fuck By Rose

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A young man named Brock had waited in line for the 5 entry of the “World Warrior Fighting Tournament” game for hours, for its midnight release. He finally gets a copy of the game and rushed home to give it a try. Its a special night for him because he took off from work and even decided to skip out on school to play this game. His favorite fighter is named Rose, he has been a fan of her character since her first appearance in the second game. He played the game for two hours straight and begin to fall asleep. It is now 2AM and Brock is lying down in his bed and suddenly the TV turns itself on and mysteriously his favorite character Rose appears before him. He wakes up and finds her floating above him and right as he was about to shout, she puts her finger on his lips and whisper to him “relax” then she pulls down his underwear. She takes of her glossy red pumps and massages Brock’s cock with her soft silky purple nylon pantyhose until his cock hardens. She then pumps him with her sexy feet as he is confused to whether or not if this is a dream or a reality. Then she tells Brock to put his cock inside her, Brock embraces Rose and the rest is up to you to imagine. Could there be any connection between this movie and “My Night With a Succubus”?