18 Chef Mia Fucks Vegetables

12,571 5.0


12,571 5.0
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FoxyAussie Sep 28 2016

perfection!!! love ur heavenly legs goddess, hope u do a leg shaving vid sometime, do u also sell panties soaked in ur creamy goddess honey? xxxx

Irina31 deleted Sep 4 2016

Hey boys, let's have fun tonight! -> araril.ga

Tigger Rosey Sep 4 2016

hmmm.... wonder what that eggplant is for? ;)

fuckjangostevens deleted Sep 1 2016

for real tho i really like carrots now. thanks :)

adrax3 Sep 1 2016

I'm always down for a healthy serving of Rand's Own All Natural Vegan Creamy Veggie Dip!

heru882002 - Top reviewer Sep 9 2016
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Very kinky vid. Many have done similar types but Mia's special sauce that is used liberally throughout the vid makes a big, positive difference for that extra kink. Unexpected ending is a bonus too

pizdecec - Top reviewer Sep 2 2016
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She eats her own cum. And enjoys it.

JackOfficer Apr 18 2017
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Girls, play with your food and always eat your vegetables. There ends today's life lesson from Mia. Now buy this video and nut.

adrax3 - Top reviewer Sep 1 2016
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As usual, this video is quite spectacular. Mia's uniformly grand SEXAY HAWTNESS never gets old, and without spoiling things, I like the way she came to climax. I just have two very minor gripes: I wish the title had been "Cooking With Mia," as she mentions in the intro, and I would have liked to see her disrobe out of her sexy apron.

I have sex with every veggie in my house and cream everywhere. Like the creamy cucumber video but with anal and carrots.