Jenna's Real Estate Rip Off - HD

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I hope you are enjoying the tour, this is obviously the dining room and kitchen. The garden is lovely as well. You don’t like it? It’s just you and me here you can tell me the truth. Have another look around. I am sure we can come to an agreement. You are liking it more? Great! I wouldn’t want you to walk out of here without buying the house. I even printed the paperwork out. We need to make sure you want it. The house is actually £300k not £200k. There were some extra taxes involved. I know I’m making unreasonable demands but I know you will buy it. You will sign. You are mine now. I am in control now. You will be completely mesmerized by me. I bet you wondered how I get all my sells. Let’s go sit back down and we will finish the paper work. These papers say you are buying the house for £300k, understand? Good. Now sign them, good boy. It’s got your cock hard isn’t it? Ha and now I’ve got a nice shopping trip to go on. Enjoy watching my ass as I leave! - Jenna