Isabella Star

Australian / Western Australia
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YOU MAY CALL ME MISTRESS M I Will Dominate..You Will Submit, You Will Obey I am a Lifestyle Mistress. I am naturally a well focused woman. I am strict, strong willed, and do not suffer fools gladly. I am serious about my lifestyle and seek to educate those who genuinely wish to learn. I believe in pushing and exploring both my own boundaries and those of my boy, I am good humoured, creative, skilled and I genuinely enjoy what I do. I indulge in my passions. I love to laugh and I am 100% authentic. I am forthright and intolerant of time wasters. I have been a professional Dominatrix for many years, working from my own private premises. I choose not to conduct my business from a dungeon but provide a mere attic for the mindless. I believe in sharing my knowledge and skills and I am happy to answer respectful questions from those who wish to find answers. Indulge In Your Secret Fetish. Play Out Your Untold Fantasy