Harrassment Trample Part 2


Angel Lee

17:01 min - Sep 01 - .WMV - 433.35 MB


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Angel Lee has been stomping the guy who sexually harasses all of the girls at work, and called Jasmin Jai to help play with him. This sultry brunette decides to take off her new high heels so that she can really pound away on his flesh. Her seamed stockings show off her curvy legs as she stomps his body. Jumping up and down he gets a view up her skirt that he always wanted just not in this context. Her blouse is removed and they both taunt him about what he will never have. With glee she jumps and laughs at how pathetic he is. It only gets worse as both girls stand on him and trample him without mercy. Jasmin removes her skirt and mocks him with her perfect ass. He wanted to see it for so long and now he will always associate it with pain and regret! There is also a special POV section where the girls strip out of their bras and grope each other while trampling him. These princesses leave their new prisoner so they can eat, but will be back for more! OTHER KEYWORDS-trample fetish, legs, female supremacy, garter and stockings, pantyhose & stockings, point of view, POV, pov femdom, bratgirl Angel Lee, trample fetish, male bondage, leg fetish, blonde, blond, long hair, Jasmin Jai, Jasmine Jai, brunette