Dahalia and Kage cakes and cucumbers

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613 5.0
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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Dec 31 2016
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All of Messy Hot's videos are amazing, but the best ones are the ones with 2 (or more) girls, and this one is definitely no exception. Cake covered scissoring? Yes please!

This video is something of a rarity for MessyHot. Usually we keep things cute and sexy, but these two girls were insatiable and wanted to take their food-love to the next level. We start outside with them feeding each other frosting from the cake, but they waste no time stripping the other down, and Dahalia gets to be the first to sit in the cake. Once she's completely covered in cake and frosting, they go to work on Kage. There's a bunch of spanking and mess making as they sensually stroke themselves, make out, and suck frosting off their tits. After some whipped cream and frosting play, they start scissoring, enjoying the sensation of the goo rubbing between their legs. Kage takes control and, taking things to a much more intense level than we usually do, pulls out a cucumber and starts fucking Dahalia with it as she rubs herself. Stepping up the intensity one more notch, Dahalia hops on her knees and takes the cucumber doggy style, and then has Kage push her limits even further by lubing up a banana with frosting and sticking it in her ass. We wrap the session up in the traditional MessyHot style with a frosting facial which they share in a passionate kiss.
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