Bad Boyfriend - Little Mina & Angel Lee


Angel Lee

11:25 min - Jun 22 - .WMV - 309.88 MB


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Little Mina is waiting for her boyfriend and runs into Angel Lee who has some bad news. It appears he has been cheating on them both and Angel punished him by shrinking him to a microscopic spec. They talk down to him and humiliate him about his small size. Because he will never see her tits again, Angel smothers him between them and makes him gasp for breath. Mina puts him on her ass and lets out a silent but nasty fart. Angel loves the idea and does the same thing. They stomp on him with the bottom of her sneakers (POV) while talking down to this pathetic loser. There has to be a solution to getting rid of him forever and the girls decide to swallow him whole. They laugh as they feel him going down their digestive tracts and stuck in their bellies. Another loser has been taken care of! OTHER KEYWORDS-femdom, Amazons, farting, height fetish, Angel Lee, Little Mina, blond, brunette, yoga pants, Asian, blonde, Oriental, glasses, eyeglasses, yoga pants, sports bra, sneaker fetish