Secretary Blackmail


Madame Raphael

Canadian / Canada
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C'mon in, let's have a chat... I think it's time we talked about my position in this company. You obviously way underestimated me when you hired me...just wanted a piece of eye candy for the office, huh? How cute. I know exactly what I do to you...just look at you now, your eyes glazing over while I tease you. Well, I've been biding my time, collecting information, waiting for the right opportunity to pounce, and you gave it to me when you attempted to grab my ass the other day. HA! Silly, guess who controls the surveillance around here, and has access to your computer? That's right, I even know a few things about you that I don't think your wife would like - obviously I have her information too! Think I'm bluffing? Here, take a look at these photos I printed for you... Dumbass, you work for ME now!