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3,051 5.0
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Daniel90rm deleted Sep 3 2016

the full vid has sound? thanks

jtpetersonco - Top reviewer Sep 5 2016
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Awesome taboo fantasy! The energy and multiple positions make this one to own!

My longest and most explicit B/G sex video to date. You will NOT want to miss this! --------- Intro Price of $79.99. This will only last 1 week. Don't miss out! ---------- Sydney comes home from her workout run only to find a strange guy standing in her living room. Her parents are out of town for a few more days so it must be her sister's new BF. Sure enough, they get acquainted and immediately Sydney is drawn to him. So much so that she decides to seduce him right there and then. Her sister won't be home for a while so why not have some fun with the hunky stranger? Sydney helps him out of his pants and is pleasantly surprised by the size of his dick. She proceeds by putting his big cock in his mouth and that clearly gets him going. Hmm, what else could she possibly do with it? Sydney decides to have him sit down on a chair so she can ride his big dick in a few different positions. After that, she's ready to get fucked real hardcore and long.