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ANDI ANDERSON eats 11 loads


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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Zarramar Sep 16 2016

Dicks out for Harambe oh no wait fuck that. Dicks out for ANDI :P

A true superslut of her era, randy ANDI ANDERSON was a cum-eating machine. She models sheer purple panties and a chef's uniform. What's she cooking up? Something tasty? C'mon...this is Andi. You've seen her videos. I booked her for an "every guy available on Saturday" type of bukkake and it was her idea, apropos of the cooking theme, to separate the gentlemen into white meat and dark meat. Here's the dark meat part of the encounter. Don't miss the others, too! All were shot at a house formerly owned by 1970s supergroup The Captain and Tennille. They had a hit with "Love Will Keep Us Together" and Andi has a lot of love to give. I ask her the same question asked by Rodney King, "Can't we all just get it on?" She peels down her panties and spreads her heart-breaker-tattooed ass before dropping to her knees and sucking my dick. Beautiful head from a self-described "dirty cock pig." To my surprise, I was being brought over the edge after a few short minutes by her vacuum mouth. The cum oozes down my shaft like melting candle wax and she cleans it all up. She then says, "Now let's all get it on!" She crawls out to the patio to offer herself to the small reserve army of black men. They pass her around and tell her exactly what to do. To no one's surprise, she does everything they ask. They line up to receive head one-on-one but she picks one dude out and starts riding him. I swear to you that this was not planned. She really is just a down-for-the-cause slut. Bravo! The best part was the look on the guys' faces. They were just expecting head, not pussy. After everyone has had a turn with her, I give Andi a black plate and spatula. "I have an empty plate. I'm going to swallow your fucking cum. I think I've been a good little slut today. I love the protein in it!" A melange of milk is dumped onto the plate and she stirs it with her spatula. Her words need no editing. "Wanna see me swallow all this fucking cum? Mmmmm....that cum tastes so fucking sweet. I deserve all that fucking cum. I'm going to stir it up all nice. I can digest it. It's my last little bit of fucking cum. I want to scoop it up in one nice little neat pile. All these boys worked so fucking hard to give me their load. I took lots of black cock and I let them fuck my little pussy and this is my little reward for being a good white whore." SLUUUUUUUUURPPPP!!! "I think I was a good whore today."