Fetish Friday

Im cutting it off so you never cum again

798 5.0

Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
798 5.0
8:02 min - Sep 02 - .MOV - 221.44 MB - 1080x720 HD


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SUCH a sexy video! Penectomy is kinda hot, to be honest, and Jenna explores the idea WONDERFULLY! She really makes you think about the consequences of disappointing her, but makes either side of the choice (to cum (penectomy) or not to cum (spiked chastity)) sound appealing! 5/5

Jenna threatens your cock with her sharp scissors. If you cum, she'll cut it off for good and you'll never cum again!! Her hand feels so good rubbing up and down your hard cock that you still want to cum even if you have to suffer the painful consequences....