Negan Cosplay Series Intro Slave Speech

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Negan has returned from doing what she does best; demolishing the lives of anyone who gets in her way. After she washes her hands from her victims stains, she prepares to get undressed and head into the shower (not seen here). She has kept one victim still alive so she can have a slave do all the dirty work she might need done. This slave (you) has been kneeling on the ground since awaiting her return.  Negan then goes into detail explaining what her goals are and what she might be doing to you next. Consider this the set up to the ultimate role play; You are now Negan's property. You will be kept as a chore boy until she decides your ultimate fate. What will that be? Stay tuned! *This video features no nudity and will be part of a series bundle. This is a cosplay adaptation of Negan from The Walking Dead. There are MORE videos to come involving more fetish based scenes. Thank you for supporting me on this project. This is the introduction to set up the tone for the remainder of the clips!* *DMCA PROTECTED. THIS IS PROPERTY OF TISHA DRAVEN. EVERY VIDEO HAS A DIGITAL FINGERPRINT WHICH MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LEAKED VIDEOS OR MISUSING MY PROPERTY. YOU WILL BE HELD 100% RESPONSIBLE AND WILL FACE HEAVY PENALTIES AND POSSIBLE JAIL TIME. TISHA DRAVEN WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR ALL LEGAL PROSECUTION, LEGAL FEES AND ALL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES.*