Brothers Persuasion Part 1


Nikko Jordan

Japanese / Oregon
7:07 min - Sep 11 - .MP4 - 218.29 MB


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This is part 1 in a 4 part series! I will be uploading new videos every saturday :) Nikko has a ton of chores to do and she doesn't want to do any of them so she has devised a plan to get out of them. Offer her brother things in return for doing her things! In part 1 Nikko was supposed to clean the kitchen but she'd rather play on her iPad all day instead. While playing her Keyboard Cat game her brother comes to her and reminds her that she's supposed to be cleaning the kitchen. Nikko offers to let her brother rub lotion all over her boobs if he cleans the kitchen for her. He is super excited to touch Nikko's boobs so he gladly agrees to clean the kitchen