Wedding Night Roleplay

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2,549 5.0
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macg4747 Dec 31 2016
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This is one of the best solo masturbation videos i have ever seen. The roleplay acting was amazing, making my dick rise to the heavens as she calls for the love she needs. secondly is the creampie, it makes you seems as if you have left your mark XD. overall this is a video that everyone should buy at this price. 10/10, would cum to it again.

2shoes92 - Top reviewer Sep 2 2016
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Just another fantastic video from Miss are such a sweetheart and so gorgeous...this video is fantastic and hot!

Jmoney1776 Sep 23 2017
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God this video is so fucking hot, and with an incredibly sexy and beautiful woman!

Alchemist15 - Top reviewer May 10 2017
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A man can only dream... Anyways, the adorable bride is looking sexy and she's definitely ready. It's her favorite positions. Shes definitely moist and creaming. I love that and her moans and faces. Her body looks flawless. The scene is lengthy and you get a great show.

st_204 - Top reviewer May 5 2017
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This is by far one of the videos I have watched!

Billbo1478 Apr 2 2017
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Perfect price and perfect Paige.

It's our wedding night, and I strip for you in my white lingerie. We have sex in my favorite position, missionary, and then I ride on top of you. You let me cum first, and then I show a close-up of you cumming inside of me