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3,160 4.8
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Irina31 deleted Sep 4 2016

Hey boys, let's have fun tonight! ->

Erics259 Oct 5 2016
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Still super hot a month later! Can't wait to see the next B/G video you make Aly~! <3 <3

ApolloZulu264 Sep 11 2017
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This was a magnificent masterpiece in my opinion. Is it 100% perfect? No. But like it says in her name, it's an experience. The part I thought I wouldn't like, the GoPro, was actually my favorite part. Even though the sound was a bit muffled, there was enough audible that it didn't feel dead silent. Plus it's bookended by the first and last parts of the video. I especially loved the POV of her scene partner going down on her because I don't think I've ever seen that in POV before. I wonder why? *Eye Roll* Also the POV kissing. I mean any close up of Aly's eyes are to die for. Speaking of her scene partner, he wasn't some stereotypical jacked up stud. If anything, he reminded me of myself maybe 5-10 years ago when I was less out of shape minus the longer hair and beard. So it made living vicariously a lot easier in the POV. But Aly was clearly the one in charge, I'd expect nothing less from her. I'd really love to see the behind the scenes and bloopers. And sure she goofed on capturing the facial. But it was her first attempt at this. I mean let's be honest it's sometimes hard to get the timing right. This was the first time I've purchased B/G content from a performer I've become friends with. Most of them don't even make it but that's a personal choice I respect. I've known Aly for a few months now. So I was not only living vicariously through the male performer, but I was happy to see she was enjoying herself too. I love having this relationship with my porn now. I'm invested in my friend's satisfaction. And the video is a full 26 minutes that she'll send you after purchase that includes the part 1 you see in the preview. It's one solid video so no having to stop and play another clip. If you're looking at the $99.99 price tag and thinking that's too much, trust me it's worth the price. And consider that her scene partner also deserves a cut, it's not a solo video after all. In making this video he's as much as sex worker as she is. I know we're here for Aly, but you have to respect the man's stamina, respect, and cooperation in making this. Him and his cock were clearly deemed worthy and have now been blessed. I almost want to shake his hand and tell him good job.

BigJStef Sep 29 2016
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Wowee wow wow!!! What an awesome vid for Aly's first sex vid. This vid has a bit of everything with dirty talk, BJ, receiving oral, doggy, riding, POV with the GoPro version, oil'd ass...and a messy facial. You can tell Aly is really enjoying herself making the vid and wants to put on an awesome dirty show for her fans who buy the video. I strongly suggest purchasing the video, you won't be disappointed.

jimbalaya - Top reviewer Sep 7 2016
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This is the best Aly video to date. And that's saying an awful lot because she really does a great job w. all her videos, much higher level of quality and effort put in than most videos you see. She really looks hot in this and talks dirty, telling the guy to fuck her and she announces when she's going to cum. At least 3 orgasms by my count. Lots of different positions and angles.

Chaadwick1 Sep 6 2016
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Aly performed great in her first B/G sex tape

nastynati100 Sep 4 2016
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Very good, minus the very end. She is very gorgeous and definitely a must see.

INCLUDES 23 MINUTES OF FOOTAGE! WHAT IS DISPLAYED IS ONLY PART 1**** This Video comes in 3 parts! Purchasing this video will automatically give you Part 1, and then I will send you both the 4:38 minute Go Pro View Vid, and the 9:25 minute Part 2! This video shows me taking my FIRST cock EVER on cam! We start by warming each other up with our mouths, then start some hard fucking! I cum sooo many times on his dick in so many different positions. In part two, we explore some new positions (riding!) and he even oils up my ass! The video ends with his cum on my face! **Please note: Thanks to me being a B/G noob, I don’t catch the ENTIRE cumshot on cam! However you ARE able to see it all over my face in the end! Also, The 4:38min Go Pro Vid has VERY low audio, but is still worth the watch in my opinion!** *During September Only!: Purchase this video in leave a full and honest review, and you will receive any other $20 video of your choice as a thank you! Be sure to message me choosing which one you want! Thanks