Sunniva bounces her Boobs from below


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
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Sunniva is a cute soft full figured lady with amazing huge low hanging natural 44 M cup breasts, thick perky nipples and dark round areolas. She loves to show what she has got but never worked in front of a camera before. When Maja met her in her hometown Berlin there was no sign of shyness or restraint. A natural sweetie with natural talent. Fanfares for Sunniva's first appearance in public. The very first clip with Sunniva is an eye opener. She leans against the wall, supporting herself with her hands, her huge heavy 44 M cup tits dangling down right before your face. Her lovely nipples stand out against the white tee, mesmerizing views from different angles. Then you lift up the shirt, free one breast, free the other breast. Would you open your mouth trying to catch her swinging bells?