Me Mom And Granny Taboo

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4,598 5.0
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SirHedgehog - Top reviewer Sep 11 2016
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What young man wouldn't love to have a hot an sexy Grandma like Sally, when she cums to visit young cocks can't help but rise.
Sally and Connor have a wonderful fuck session when Sally comes upon Connor's deep desire for him to involve his Mom in there playtime and Dani after a little reluctance to begin with is only to happy to join in on the fun.
A Very Highly recommended clip

Buttdumplins - Top reviewer Mar 22 2017
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This is definitely the hottest taboo vid I've ever seen, it's like I've always been looking for it.

Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Sep 6 2016
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Great grandmother/mother/son video!

Me Mom and Granny........ Taboo........ Sally D'angelo...... Dani Dare............ Connor Coxxx..... It's Summer break and guess who is cumming to visit us, Grandma Sally , she just makes my young dick hard just talking to her with that southern draw , I have a thing for those southern belles , BUT not my own grandma !!! that's insane , but she sure has a set of big ol titties (I hope they pop out like last time) ....all was going really well , she got in early and mom wasn't home yet so I showed her the guest room, she wanted to freshen up and put on her bikini to do some pool time, but had a kink in her neck from traveling, of course I offered to rub it out for her, but she reached back and started rubbing something out for me , she shoved me on the bed and pulled out my 10" cock and started sucking it , in no time I exploded in her mouth , she looks up and with cum dripping out of her mouth, and says to me , fuck me grandson before your mom gets home , my cock was more than eager for another round so we started fucking, fucking in every position (she can sure fuck for an old lady) better than the 20 year olds I'm fucking, we were really going at it hot and heavy but guess who pops in....good ol mom (WTF) and that is exactly what mom said to grandma what the fuck mom (granny) you're fucking my son, first you fuck your son my brother and now your fucking my son your grandson WTF!!! ...... " Granny as cool as a cucumber comes back and says , give us a break Dani (mom) all we're doing is having some fun you ought to take that splinter out of your ass and have some fun with us , he told me he wants to fuck you to , so get out of that bikini and join us and stop being such a drag you little BITCH".....I was totally amazed , mom stripped off and joined us (not quite that easy but it happened) ,... she deep throated me and soon I exploded a big load of cum in her mouth what a great FUCKING afternoon this turned out to be , with another day planned tomorrow.....welcome back Grandma .......Taboo....blow jobs....3 way..... fucking....Cum in mouth.....kinky taboo
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Sally Dangelo
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