Son's GF Bodyslides And Sucks Me Off

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My son's hot girlfriend is flirting with me again. She is doing a massage course and said she needed someone to practice on. It was obvious when she wanted me to get naked that she had more than that on my mind. Getting this intimate with my son's girlfriend is going to get of us in deep trouble with him but I sure as fuck not going to pass this up. She rubs lotion all over me then strips off herself to climb on top for a awesome body slides. Fuck she is good at this! My son is a lucky boy if he gets this on a regular basis. My big, thick cock is rock hard in no time and it almost slips inside her pussy but not quite. That would be a step too far but I think we both knew the other wanted it. Anyway she eagerly takes in her mouth to give the most expert blow job. Finally I shoot a massive load of cum. Mmmm practice session over. I am looking forward to the next one. Maybe we will fuck then and I will get my thick cock deep into her tight, young pussy. I know she wants it.