Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Fourteen hours of SWEAT

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Doesn't that sound like heaven to you. Fourteen long hours of sweat all nestled into these stinky work out socks. Ripely peeled from my precious feet only sends shivers of pure excitement through you. With each wriggle of my toes you become weaker and hornier, desperately aching for one aromatic sniff. You need to inhale my sweet scent, it would send you into a euphoric mess instantly. How horny would you be sucking all the stinky swear from my socks. You want them don't you, you want them so bad. To be wrapped around my perfect feet you need them in your possession. I'm going to list them, I'm going to price them pretty damn high and your all going to scramble over each other in attempt to be the very next owner not wanting to miss out.