Ballbusting Fans


Ashley Alban

American / Buttville
11:40 min - Sep 02 - .MP4 - 1.11 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Ashley invites some of her girlfriends over. Ash recently got into busting guys’ balls, and she loves it. But whenever she talks about it with her friends, they worry that they’re going to completely destroy a man’s testicles if they hit them. Ashley decides to put on a little demonstration with a male assistant. She explains to her friends that since a guy’s balls move freely within his scrotum, they never actually take the full for ce of the hit. Ashley shows this by punching, kicking, and kneeing her assistant in the balls. Obviously, she says, it hurts him, but she’s not causing any lasting damage. Her assistant starts to keel over in pain, so Ashley tells him to sit on the floor. She shows her friends just how much the balls can take by jumping on them and standing on them. Her friends start expressing concern, so Ashley proves her assistant is ok. She removes her shirt and begins to stroke his cock. He quickly gets a boner proving he is ok. Ashley then takes his balls in her hand and really starts to squeeze them. She tells her friends that they can be special stress balls. Whenever you’re frustrated, just give them a nice big squeeze. Ashley suddenly feels a pop and looks down in shock. She popped one of his testicles! She quickly ushers her friends out and returns to see how her assistant is doing. She admits that she really liked how it felt to pop his ball. She then scolds him for being so weak and allowing that to happen. Real men can’t have their balls popped. Ashley realizes that one of her friends hasn’t left and heard everything. Ashley calls her over and says that if she promises not to tell anyone, she’ll let her feel a popped testicle. Her friend agrees and kneels behind the assistant. Ashley and her quickly get excited though and soon his other ball is popped too. Oh well, Ashley says, she’ll just have to find a better assistant next time.