Giantess Finds Tiny Men: part 1


Misha Mystique

American / your Dreams
3:47 min - Sep 03 - .MP4 - 256.00 MB


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This is the first 3.5 minutes of the longer clip Giantess Finds Tiny Men in Her House, which includes Giantess, Vore, and Crush fetishes. In this series of clips, the 24 minute original clip is split into 5 parts. In part 1, I discover that there are a bunch of tiny men who snuck into my house and I vow to hunt them all down. I start by lying on my stomach with my bare soles exposed. Once I see the tiny men, I get up and start looking for them. You get a view of me standing tall above the camera, stomping the ground where a tiny man was hiding, a POV angle from below me while I catch you watching me and crush you beneath my bare wrinkled sole. Shot in 1080p with clean sound.