Locked by your Wife

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I think it's about time we had this 'chat' it's been a long time coming. I think it's about time I was honest about everything. You thought I was just a demanding, bitchy female naturally which is true but there is a little bit to it. You married a Dominatrix. You have basically married into slavery. You are just another weak male who will serve at my feet. I didn't marry you for your budding personality or your dick did i! So things are going to change starting with this chastity device as training is pending. You are so utterly in love with me so you will agree to do whatever I throw at you. I saw you as an easy target and well was I right. You will now serve me, you will do everything I demand. You can't resist me, so wrapped in love, you worship the ground I walk on so you will happily agree to any task no matter how humiliating it may be. Welcome to married life bet you never thought you married a Dominatrix.