Hottest Pink


ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
17:12 min - Sep 05 - .MP4 - 639.93 MB


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Hello everyone! Here's a sexy little set for you. ;) This set is called Hottest Pink because this shade of pink is hot pink, but adding baby oil to it just makes it so much hotter and sexier... haha. Don't you agree? ;) I've poured baby oil while wearing flipflops before but never while wearing high heels, i thought it might be quite dangerous, but i thought that making you guys drool was worth the risk... haha ;) So, with that said, i hope you guys like this sexy little set, i always have fun shooting sets with baby oil, it's just so slippery and fun, haha. I want to wish you all a great Sunday, and i hope that you guys have a wonderful week as well!
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