Sucking Succubi and Wet Red Lips



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12:30 min - Sep 05 - .MP4 - 1.81 GB


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Wet. Red. Lips. Juicy, pouty and reminding you of the kind of pleasures I can summon. Get it on with this sucking Succubus, as I (V.V Vixen) inflict over 10 minutes of teasing torture and wet, sloppy sounds. Let's play a game, for the first minute I'm just warming you up with teasing shots, lip stretching and how shiny and luscious my red lips are. Then, the fun begins. Can you survive 10 minutes? Try to stay in rhythm with my sinking fingers, if you can. You should've been more careful before summoning this succubus, can you even handle it? Get Indoctrinated.