Straight Edge Girl Smokes Vape Pen



American / New York
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I noticed my roommate wasn't home and decided to poke around his bedroom. Upon my findings, was a vape pen. How lame right? I'm straight-edge. A hardcore kid who doesn't consume vices or any substance. Well......that last one might be in question. It's a flavor with a small dash of nicotine. I Iong as I don't tell anyone right? I happen to be on the phone with my best friend with my discovery of trying a vape pen for the first time. Promise not to tell anyone? *DMCA PROTECTED. THIS IS PROPERTY OF TISHA DRAVEN. EVERY VIDEO HAS A DIGITAL FINGERPRINT WHICH MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LEAKED VIDEOS OR MISUSING MY PROPERTY. YOU WILL BE HELD 100% RESPONSIBLE AND WILL FACE HEAVY PENALTIES AND POSSIBLE JAIL TIME. TISHA DRAVEN WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR ALL LEGAL PROSECUTION, LEGAL FEES AND ALL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES