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Sexy Slim Black Teen Throatpied + Fisted

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You know we like to challenge these young ambitious pornstar wannabes. So we asked Cazza who wanted to impress us if she could handle her WHOLE hand up in her tiny little slit. She smiled and yelled YES SIR! So we said can you keep it in while Gee Whizz pokes your throat and she again says I will do my best. So to top it off literally Gee brought his "special sauce". What's that you ask... it's when he jerks off for a week straight into a small bottle with a funnel (nasty right) he would keep it in the fridge every night building more and more. Guess what he does with it? When Cazza is about to fist herself he tells her he has some lube and drenches her fuck hole with it as she stuffs her cum covered hand in. She says "it feels so slimy." After she is nice and warmed up she Gee get's his cock and jams it in her throat. She milks his shaft in her mouth and it get's VERY VERY messy cum oozes out like a fountain. Towards the end Gee starts to cum in her throat and it spills out but he is still hard and then one more HOWLING load shoots out. Watch her eyes bug out like where the hell is all this cum coming from! Aww the new girls gotta love em. Welcome to the pros sweet thang!

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