Princess Lexi's Mouth, Tongue, & Throat


Candy Glitter

American / United States
5:59 min - Sep 08 - .MP4 - 231.30 MB


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This video was a custom clip! Order your own today: "Could you shoot a video showing off your tongue/mouth/throat/tonsils/etc.? Having your tongue out with your throat exposed would be pure gold; exactly like you did at the end of your "Chewing Berries" clip. Also, having it slightly out and flat with a clear shot into your throat would be really good. If you could get that kind of view, but zoomed out enough so your face is also in view, that would be fantastic. No talking necessary unless you would like to, and no nudity necessary either. No specific clothing or attire. Please, no "Ahhh" sounds like you are seeing a doctor. Soft moans, breathing, and throat sounds would be good instead."
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