Miss Draven Humiliates Students Father

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dsmooth - Top reviewer Jan 20 2017
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Tisha was so sexy in this video, the red lips had me so weak!

Miss. Draven is not happy. She currently has a student in her class who refuses to "apply themselves" and has been doing TERRIBLE in her class. Due to the circumstances, she calls the students Dad to have a meeting about his son's performance. Upon doing so, she realizes that the father is also a bit of a chump who needs to get a proper education when it comes to being in the presence of a Goddess. She makes him removes his pants and makes fun of his 'package'. Also reminding him, where he ranks in life which is of course, beneath her. Woke up and decided to go for a swim in my pool. After a few laps, I decided to come home and take a quick shower. Turns out that my boyfriend snuck a camera into our bathroom to watch me! He apparently set up a voyeur camera as he was on tour with his band! Now it's your turn to see Tisha, showering like any other time. You'll see me enjoying my quick shower with no notion that anyone was watching me. You nosy little pervert you! *DMCA PROTECTED. THIS IS PROPERTY OF TISHA DRAVEN. EVERY VIDEO HAS A DIGITAL FINGERPRINT WHICH MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LEAKED VIDEOS OR MISUSING MY PROPERTY. YOU WILL BE HELD 100% RESPONSIBLE AND WILL FACE HEAVY PENALTIES AND POSSIBLE JAIL TIME. TISHA DRAVEN WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR ALL LEGAL PROSECUTION, LEGAL FEES AND ALL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES