I Don't Have Time To Stroke Your Dick


Wild Phoenix

American / Florida
7:08 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 522.83 MB


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Guess what day it is? SALE DAY! I am hot on the trail of some door buster sales and the last thing I want to deal with is trying to get this guy's cock to bust a nut. But unfortunately I owe him one and he won't let me off the hook and into the clothes rack until I give him a little smooth racking action up and down his pole. I could just refuse and leave but I would never hear the end of his whining so I settle in to rub one out and he better make it snappy. I can barely contain my boredom as my mind wanders to my phone and I map out my plans for the day and goes over my lists, playing around. Frustrated and hungry, I tell him to just cum already! He suggests we shift positions for him to speed things up. I want to be free of the burden of stroking his dick, so I can get the fuck out so he frees the burden of his load on my face. My debt to him is settled so I scamper off to ring up a different kind of debt!