Violating Violet/Lesbian Domination



American / Las Vegas
14:12 min - Jun 19 - .MOV - 1.02 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Featuring Mistress Nikki Rouge as The Black Bunny In the first part of this slave training series, Mistress Nikki (as the Black Bunny) ties Violet over a spanking bench, immobilizes her hands, and puts a cute heart shaped gag in her mouth to keep the slut from making too much noise. The Black Bunny pulls down Violet's pink panties, revealing an already marked up bottom and teases it with a few spanks from her pink crop. She spreads Violet's lips, revealing how wet and excited the slut is. Mistress Nikki fucks Violet with her sexy gloved hands, getting almost her whole fist deep in the slut's cunt getting her ready to take a big, purple dildo and pairs it with a hitachi to send the slut into orgasmic bliss. When Mistress Nikki is done, she's done and throws the hitachi down leaving Violet to struggle against her restraints.... To Be Continued