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Miss Taylor BBW

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2,205 5.0
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KinkyBbwLover69 deleted May 21 2017
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This is my favorite dream come true. I couldn't of described it any better than this goddess did.

HardNok - Top reviewer Jul 31 2017
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Wow. I thought I had a favorite Taylor video but this may be my new favorite. I really want to be that black stud to fill her for real. BUY THIS VIDEO!

Lovetheplump - Top reviewer Jul 28
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Miss Taylor is glorious plump perfection. She knows how to expertly work the BBC and she employs 1st class dirty talk. Beyond hot!

Since you have yet to come close to pleasing me I decided to take matters into my own hands. You have no choice but to sit in a chair in the corner while I get my pussy stretched by a huge bbc. I have you lay your head underneath is balls and clean up all the cream that gushes out of me while he pounds me. I humiliate you and have no regards for your feelings and your tiny little dick. Tags: bbw, bbc, cuckold, big tits, big legs, cuckolding, creamy pussy, big boobs, intense dirty talk, bbw, belly, small penis humiliation, brunette