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Miss Taylor BBW

American / Texas
1,717 5.0
10:36 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 1.35 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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KinkyBbwLover69 deleted May 21 2017
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This is my favorite dream come true. I couldn't of described it any better than this goddess did.

HardNok - Top reviewer Jul 31
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Wow. I thought I had a favorite Taylor video but this may be my new favorite. I really want to be that black stud to fill her for real. BUY THIS VIDEO!

This video is intense and I'm such a size queen bitch for BBC. Also I have no idea where that mouth came from lol! Since you have yet to come close to pleasing me so I took matters into my own hands. You have no choice but to sit in a chair in the corner while I get my pussy stretched by a huge cock. I have you lay your head underneath is balls and clean up all the cream that gushes out of me while he pounds me. I humiliate you and have no regards for your feelings