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Sorority Initiation

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I really wanna join this sorority but the Initiation is HARD. I've never really done anything dirty before, but you tell me to strip in front of the WHOLE sorority and fraternity. I nervously do so, slowly gaining confidence when I see how everyone is looking at me. I'm handed a wand, and make myself cum hard for the first time. Finally I'm part of the family... or so I think. You pull me out of bed in the middle of the night and tell me to suck the 2 cocks in front of me. I'm scared at first but get into it. They both cum on my face and I'm told to blindfold myself for the last part of my initiation. Nervous, I take off my blindfold when I'm told and see the biggest cock yet right in front of me. Scared I ask to go home, but I know what I need to do. I suck as hard as I can, gagging on the massive cock. I can barely take it, getting spit everywhere. I can't make it cum with my mouth so climb on top and ride, starting off slow but gain confidence. I ride fast and hard, letting everyone in the room know what a hungry cock slut I am. The big cock cums in me and now I'm finally part of the sorority, and ready to be used by everyone who wants me.

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