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Incredible roleplay skills! Ten stars

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the description says it all. so worth buying.

Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Sep 23
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Perfect description...filthy princess. Face and body is the princess part. That lovely deviant sexual mind the filthy part! Put the 2 together and keep the lotion handy and a bottle of water to stay hydrated!!

LYON18555 - Top reviewer Sep 19
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Oh Puck, you pink laced temptress you. All bare and shaven...waiting for daddy's touch. This is one extreme daddy play that some how doesn't lose its flavor. The dirty dialogue, the way she seduces you...just all comes together like a sexy, limber...very limber and vocal puzzle. Puck says this is her best daddy play clip ever and she came four times editing it...and I believe her on both accounts. The way Puck calls and says daddy, just send the blood roaring south and gets the heart pumpin. Good god you'll try to resist but like the tide its inevitable and you'll find yourself be damned but oh so fucken worth it!

WARNING: Extremely Filthy Daddy's Girl Playtime. i came 4x just to editing this video, buy this you won't regret stroking for me, Daddy. Featuring filthy talk, tentacle dildo fucking, LOUD WET PUSSY SOUNDS, squealing/moaning, pussy grinding/pillow humping, lots of ass and asshole shots, butt plug play, fingering, titplay, teasing, pink bralette and thong, two messy buns, sassy, cute, flirty, needy, princess demeanor, EXTREME LOVE FOR DADDY
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